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Get the knowledge that you need with course modules that you combine to meet your specific learning objectives. Lawyers and business professionals can now choose the most relevant modules to include in your curriculum for a fast, tailored learning experience.

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Our modules are always taught by a lawyer. Each module works to achieve the right balance of tech and law for the non-tech professional. Our modules incorporate engaging graphics for visual interest and some modules include short videos.

Using modules, our courses better pinpoint your interest in blockchain and law, business, finance, insurance, healthcare, and more. Just choose the modules that best suit your learning objectives and create your ideal curriculum.

Don’t see the right module for your needs? Just let us know. We will discuss developing the right module for you.

Learn More, Save More!

Choose a module. If you have organized a group, set the quantity of modules in your cart to match the number of learners in your group.

If, for example, you choose, Module 1: Blockchain Basics (our only required module) and you have formed a group of 5 learners, you would add a quantity of 5, “Module 1” to your cart. And on orders of $400 or more, you all get a 10% discount! Live, interactive instruction has never been this affordable.

No group, no problem. Just order $400 or more in modules for yourself, and the same great discount applies. Your modules will be scheduled to your convenience.

Complete the checkout form and we’ll contact you to schedule a convenient time to begin delivering your curriculum. Modules may be delivered in one or in several sessions and may include any number of participants.

Courses are always taught by a lawyer using online conferencing software that can accommodate any size group. Content can be delivered to one classroom or directly to each learner’s computer, allowing us to unite learners in different locations into one instructional session.

Our Pricing is Awesome

Unlike standard executive training that can cost thousands per person for a single course, our modules are remarkably affordable. And, we fit your instruction into your schedule. We combine participants, whenever possible, to learn together. However, for your group of 5 or more learners, we are happy to schedule exclusive instructional sessions just for your firm or company, if you prefer.

So go to COURSE MODULES now to see the ever growing selection of modules and their great per student pricing. You will be pleased at how affordably your firm or company can acquire this essential, cutting edge knowledge, tailored to your specific needs.

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